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My journey...

My love for the camera spans back to my college days. Starting my journey in videography, I honed my skills and ventured into photography as well. I am a self-taught freelance photographer and videographer who seeks constant inspiration and learning.

My passion received a boost when I served as Film & Media Secretary at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay while pursuing my engineering studies and lead my team to win accolades for making short films for various film festivals and competitions like Mood Indigo, Catharsis, Kaleidoscope. 

My work...

My skills and and my zest to work brought me various kinds of professional projects. I collaborated with Filmfare to make behind the scenes video for bollywood celebrities; shot and edited a musical web series called Daastan for Bava and Bluedoor project; conceptualized and made an ad commercial; and so on... My photography work also has been published in various online magazines.

My idea of photography and videography....

For me photos and videos are a combination of lights, angles, expressions and emotions. More than technicalities, it is about the concept, the story it tells and the emotions which engage the audience.


I feel photos and videos enables me to bring out my imagination which others can live and feel.

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